Being Wise or Foolish

Being Wise or Foolish

I love the picture that we see here in the book of Proverbs about wisdom! It is seen as a meal being prepared, and then invitations sent out to come and partake. This is what is also offered to each of us. Here are some of things that I see we can have with wisdom:

When the wise are taught, they can become even wiser. When good people are taught, they can learn even more. When you live wisely, you can add years to your life. When you stop your foolish ways, you will live. (Take the road of understanding)
“Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord, and understanding begins with knowing the Holy One.”

Father God, I desire to be wise and not foolish. I want to be open to being taught, to learning more, and to live wisely. Thank You always for Your love and care. AMEN

Lord, I will praise You with all my heart, and tell of all the miracles You have done. I will sing praises to Your name and be happy. Psalm 9


1 Wisdom has built her house; she has made its seven columns. 2 She has prepared her food and wine; she has set her table. 3 She has sent out her servant girls, and she calls out from the highest place in the city. 4 She says to those who are uneducated, “Come in here, you foolish people! 5 Come and eat my food and drink the wine I have prepared. 6 Stop your foolish ways, and you will live; take the road of understanding. 7 “If you correct someone who makes fun of wisdom, you will be insulted. If you correct an evil person, you will get hurt. 8 Do not correct those who make fun of wisdom, or they will hate you. But correct the wise, and they will love you. 9 Teach the wise, and they will become even wiser; teach good people, and they will learn even more. 10 “Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord, and understanding begins with knowing the Holy One. 11 If you live wisely, you will live a long time; wisdom will add years to your life. 12 The wise person is rewarded by wisdom, but whoever makes fun of wisdom will suffer for it.” 13 Foolishness is like a loud woman; she does not have wisdom or knowledge. (Proverbs 9:1-13 NCV)

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