Community Connections

Westside Church is all about extending the life and love of Jesus - wherever we live, work and play - and our Community Connections are ministries in the community that reflect that same heart, and that we are connected with through a Westside church member.  We encourage you to partner, serve and engage with any of the organizations listed below.

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Contact:  Pastor Steve Mickel

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Contact:  Nita Belles





Christ-Centered Services 

Interested in becoming a Community Connection?

We offer our Community Connections the opportunity to be listed on our website, referenced at our information center - as well as a one-time per year pre and post service scroll, and a one-time per year Social Media highlight. These events are all dependent on the approval of our Communications Department.  We do not facilitate, coordinate or fundraise on behalf of our Community Connections.  If you are interested in being considered as one of our Community Partners, please submit the form below.