Dependable Men

Dependable Men

Each time that I read through 1 Chronicles, I wonder why all the many, many names are listed. One thought for me, is that God knows each one of us, and knows our names; is aware of who we are, and what we are doing. But then, I came to the verse that tells me that David and Samuel chose some men to be gatekeepers because they were dependable. They were to be dependable in doing the job that they were assigned.

Each of us has things that we are responsible for: jobs, parenting, living a good and pure life, etc. Being dependable in each of these places of responsibility is so very important! There will always be someone who has the need for us to be dependable.

Father, thank You first of all, that You are the One that is most dependable; the One I can count on. I desire to be dependable; to be someone people can count on--someone You can count on. AMEN

When I might be sad or upset, I will once again put my hope in God. His true love for me is always there. I will praise Him. Psalm 42


Dependable Men

Jean Stephens



22 In all, two hundred twelve men were chosen to guard the gates, and their names were written in their family histories in their villages. David and Samuel the seer chose these men because they were dependable. 23 The gatekeepers and their descendants had to guard the gates of the Temple of the LORD. (The Temple took the place of the Holy Tent.) 24 There were gatekeepers on all four sides of the Temple: east, west, north, and south. 25 The gatekeepers’ relatives who lived in the villages had to come and help them at times. Each time they came they helped the gatekeepers for seven days. 26 Because they were dependable, four gatekeepers were made the leaders of all the gatekeepers. They were Levites, and they were responsible for the rooms and treasures in the Temple of God. 27 They stayed up all night guarding the Temple of God, and they opened it every morning. (1 Chronicles 9:22-27 NCV)

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