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Check-In  |  Drop-Off  |  Pick-Up

It is our desire that you experience fast and friendly Drop-Off and Pick-Up. All children MUST be checked in every morning by 9:00am in the Family and Youth Lobby (West Entrance by the Student Center building), at the Bend Campus and The Main Entrance at the Sisters Campus.  Please come early as we anticipate long lines.  The first day each child will need their parent/guardian to sign a medical release form, as well as a photo release form, check their child's information to make sure it is correct, and be given a name tag.  That name tagwill be used each corresponding morning to check in your child to make the process quicker.  Pick up is required by those you have put on the approved pick up list during registration.  You will pick up your child(ren) in the Worship Center at noon.  If you come early please wait in the back rows, designated for parents.  Please do not come late.  You'll need to check with your child's small group leader, so they can check your child out to you.

How can I volunteer to help?

We have lots of volunteer opportunities.  If you would like to join our team, click on the volunteer at the bottom of this page.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's FREE.  Really, FREE

What is the age limit?

Kindergarten through 5th grade (according to the child's grade in the Fall 2017)

What are the times and days of the program?

Monday – Thursday (9:00 AM -12:00 PM)
Drop Off: 8:45 AM – 8:55 AM
Program starts promptly at 9:00 AM
Pick Up: 12:00 PM

Is there a medical person on site and why do I need a Medical Release Form?

Yes, we have a medical team on campus at all times during VBS. For the safety of the children while at VBS we require a Medical Release Form on file in case of an emergency. 

Will my child be safe?

Yes, we do our best to ensure the safety of all children when they are on our campus. All volunteers have gone through a thorough application process, which includes a Background check.

What to Wear

There is no specific attire needed but we suggest pants or shorts of a modest length.  Children will be running, playing and sitting on the floor.  Often skirts are not the most modest for girls in this situation.  T-shirts will be for sale, but children are not required to wear these. 

What if I must take my child out early for doctor’s appointments or lessons?

Please let the check-in person know the day and time you will be picking up your child early.  When the day/time comes, we will have your child ready for pick up at the specified time.