Lessons From Gardening

Lessons From Gardening

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love gardening; preparing the soil, planting the seeds, seeing the sprouts come up, watching the plants grow, and then to be able to harvest the fruit or see the beauty of flowers. Central Oregon has its own ways of growing and producing. If we are not willing to learn those ways, and adjust how we garden here, we would mostly fail. It really is a constant learning process.

Our God that created, and has allowed us to do the planting and harvesting, also has ways and systems for our lives. In different seasons, there are different systems and lessons to be learned or even re-learned. If we fail to do that, we might very well fail to continue to grow and produce the fruit that God desires us to produce.

Thank You, Father, that You teach us in so many different ways. Thank for this natural season of planting and growing that can teach me once again about learning the how’s and when’s of planting so that there will be a good harvest. AMEN

Lord, You are God and You have always been our home. Continue to show us and our children Your greatness and the wonderful things You do. Psalm 90


Lessons From Gardening
Isaiah 28:23-29


23 Listen closely to what I tell you; listen carefully to what I say. 24 A farmer does not plow his field all the time; he does not go on working the soil. 25 He makes the ground flat and smooth. Then he plants the dill and scatters the cumin. He plants the wheat in rows, the barley in its special place, and other wheat as a border around the field. 26 His God teaches him and shows him the right way. 27 A farmer doesn’t use heavy boards to crush dill; he doesn’t use a wagon wheel to crush cumin. He uses a small stick to break open the dill, and with a stick he opens the cumin. 28 The grain is ground to make bread. People do not ruin it by crushing it forever. The farmer separates the wheat from the chaff with his cart, but he does not let his horses grind it. 29 This lesson also comes from the Lord All-Powerful, who gives wonderful advice, who is very wise. (Isaiah 28:23-29 NCV)

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