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Westside Live, the Online Campus of Westside Church, is a unique community of people from all over the world who join together for compelling worship, a powerful message and an opportunity to connect. It’s interactive and unique - it’s not your typical church service! Whatever brings you to church online, we hope to feel welcomed here.


 By joining in Westside Live, you will experience worship, teaching and a family who loves you. We hope to provide a way for you to experience Jesus no matter where you might travel or live, any health concerns that may keep you from services, or other “life stuff” that so often gets in the way. We are thrilled you’re here, and don't forget to check in and let us know you are watching and where you are from. We’d love the opportunity to chat and pray with you.

SAT 6:30PM   |   SUN 9:00AM   |   SUN 10:45AM




Westside Essentials

Discover and live God's purpose for your life.

First Wednesday

6:30pm, Bend Campus

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The Global Leadership Summit

Everyone has influence. Maximize it. 

Next Steps



Next Steps Begin


If you’re new to Westside Church, or new to church in general, you probably have questions. We think the best way to answer those questions is with someone who cares about you and will be your guide, walking you through what we do and why we do it.

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Westside Essentials

Learn about our Vision and Core Values, explore the structure of the church, find out how to become a member and discover the true meaning of membership.

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Next Steps: Baptism


We believe that water baptism is, first and foremost, obedience to the command of Jesus. He was baptized, setting an example for us to follow (Romans 6:3-4). We believe that every believer should be baptized after believing in Jesus Christ as Savior, and that baptism is a public statement of an inward decision to follow Christ.

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Next Steps: Serving Team
Serving Teams

We want every person who experiences Westside to feel the love of God and so often that starts with you! If you have an interest or a passion, we want to provide you with opportunities to explore them by serving God.

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Next Steps: Life Groups
Life Groups

We believe that growing a BIG life starts in a small group. Our groups come in many sizes and types, including men’s and women’s, marriage, neighborhood, youth, common interest and Bible studies. We have groups meeting in homes, coffee shops and other locations throughout the week.

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Next Steps: Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care

Lives are changed and mended through a wide variety of classes. You can grow in your understanding of God's word, receive support during the difficult times in life or learn something new! Find a class that interests you and try it out.

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Church Life

Community permeates everything we do. Take your next step and join a life group, a class or a serving team as you engage with others who share a common mission.

Westside Church Kids
Westside Kids
Ages 0 - 11

Local/Global Outreach
Westside Church Youth
Westside Youth
Ages 11 - 18
Westside Church Men
Men's Bible Study
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Westside Church University
Westside University
College Ministry
Westside Church Women
Women's Bible Study
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Westside Church Serving Team
Serving Teams
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