Westside LIVE

WestsideLive, the Online Campus of Westside Church, is a unique community of people from all over the world who join together for compelling worship, a powerful message and an opportunity to connect. It’s interactive and unique - it’s not your typical church service! Whatever brings you to church online, we hope to feel welcomed here.

By joining in WestsideLive, you will experience worship, teaching and a family who loves you. We hope to provide a way for you to experience Jesus no matter where you might travel or live, any health concerns that may keep you from services, or other “life stuff” that so often gets in the way. We are thrilled you’re here, and don't forget to check in and let us know you are watching and where you are from. We’d love the opportunity to chat and pray with you.

SAT 6:30PM   |   SUN 9:00AM   |   SUN 10:45AM


Online Campus

If you have questions about our Online Campus, or would like to know about serving opportunities, let us know.

541-382-7504 or Email