Westside Church's Daily Devotionals

10/17/2012 Integrity and Grace by Jim Stephens Job 1:1-2 NLT, Acts 6:8 NLT
10/16/2012 If It Is God by Jean Stephens Acts 5:38-43
10/16/2012 God Knows My Heart by Jim Stephens Acts 5:1-2 NLT
10/15/2012 Fearless Confidence by Jim Stephens Acts 4:29-31 MSG
10/14/2012 Faith, Nothing But Faith by Jean Stephens Faith, Nothing But Faith
10/14/2012 One Day-Each Dday by Jim Stephens Acts 3:1-2 NLT)
10/13/2012 The Life Together by Jim Stephens Acts 2:41-42 MSG
10/13/2012 No Longer Room For Doubt by Jean Stephens Acts 2:36-42
10/12/2012 What You’ll Get by Jean Stephens Acts 1:6-8
10/12/2012 Important People by Jim Stephens Luke 24:28-31 NLT