Westside Church's Daily Devotionals

10/24/2012 Encouraged by Jim Stephens Job 12-14; Acts 19-20
10/24/2012 Stay Awake by Jean Stephens Acts 20:29-35
10/22/2012 At The Very Center by At The Very Center Acts 15:8-9 MSG
10/22/2012 Paul’s Map by Jean Stephens knew now for sure that GoActs 16:9- 10 The Message
10/21/2012 The Special Work by Jim Stephens Acts 13:2-3 NLT
10/21/2012 Ready To Believe by Jean Stephens Acts 14:8-10 (The Message)
10/20/2012 God’s Good News by Jim Stephens Acts 12:24 NLT
10/20/2012 You’re Crazy by Jean Stephens Acts 12:11-17 (The Message)
10/19/2012 God’s Own Truth by Jim Stephens Acts 10:34-35 MSG
10/19/2012 A Thoroughly Good Man by Jean Stephens Acts 10:1-3 The Message