Serving Team Opportunities

At Westside, volunteering isn’t what we want from you, it’s what we want for you. Not what you have to do, but what you get to do. It’s simple. Click on any area you are interested in to explore specific serving opportunities:

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Children   Birth to 3rd grade   find out more

Youth   4th-5th grade, Middle School, High School and Young Adults   find out more

Guest Services   Create an atmosphere of hospitality, provide a warm welcome and help us keep a safe environment for all.  Our teams assist guest and make Westside a friendly place.   find out more

Care   Opportunities include prayer teams, mentoring, training others, leading a resource group, visitation, funerals, meals, and practical everyday benevolence.   find out more

Campus Support   Opportunities include landscaping/gardening, facility maintenance, interior design, event prep and break down, clean impressions.   find out more

Administration   Opportunities include working at the campus bookstore, administrative tasks, and office helps.   find out more

Community Care   Are you available to lead a common interest group, participate with help and prayer team or connect with various outreach opportunities in our community, missions, and other humanitarian aid/relief efforts.   find out more

Technical   Be part of the teams that operate our camera, lights and sound systems during services.  We have IT teams, database support and tech teams available.   find out more

Arts   Help us communicate through graphic design, creative writing, promotion, website and social media.  Worship using your vocal and instrumental talent.  Join our deaf ministry and provide signing for the hearing impaired during services.  We have drama, photo arts and video production teams as well.   find out more

South Campus   All the same opportunities listed above, at our South Campus   find out more

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