West Campus

2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd. Bend, OR 97701

Service Times:
Saturdays: 6:30pm
Sundays: 8:00am, 9:00am & 10:45am

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South Campus

1245 NE 3rd St. Bend, OR 97702

Service Times:
Sundays: 10:30am

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Sisters Campus

442 Trinity Way Sisters, OR 97759

Service Times:
Sundays: 9:00am & 10:45am

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Life.  Love.  Jesus


We are a movement of sinners, dreamers, and believers extending the life and love of Jesus to our world.



To extend the life and love of Jesus will require two attributes from us:  The Character that comes from knowing and becoming like Jesus and the Courage to follow Him at any cost. 

Our Values

We are on mission.

Our neighbors, the people we work with, play with, laugh with and dream with - these are our people, our tribe. They belong to us and we belong to them.  Our world matters.  So God has sent us to serve them with a fresh and audacious faith that believes in the dream of His kingdom coming into our right-now, right-here lives. 

Age is beautiful. Which age, every age. 

We will follow the example of Jesus and make Westside a community where every generation finds hope and a home.  We will be relentless in our efforts to recognize and honor the beautiful textures and colors that each age group provides.

We are a mosaic, recreating the face of faith. 

We are all pieces of the whole picture, bringing our gifts, talents and energy to create something greater than the sum of our parts.  Life groups are led, needs are met, people are loved because we recognize that every person, from small to big or young to old, plays an essential part in this grand mission.

Our message is clear & compelling.  

We recognize that God has set us in our city and century for a specific reason.  While the message of the gospel is timeless and unchanging, we will speak it in a way that reaches as many people as possible and our personal preferences will take a back seat to this goal.

Real is rare, so we will be that.  

In a world filled with posing and pretense, we are working hard to develop a culture where people are free to let their true selves shine.  This means we don’t all dress, talk or think alike – but we value the diversity that comes from true authenticity.

We love impossible. 

All that we are dreaming or attempting is impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit infusing this work with grace and wisdom.  Our individual and corporate mandate, therefore, is to listen carefully, follow closely and obey completely with freedom to fail.  We love impossible things because they keep us safely dependent on the only One who is able.

Friendly is more than skin deep. 

Our goal is to develop a culture fueled by grace, where we honor, forgive and serve one another.  Our intention is for every person we meet to feel noticed, known and loved.


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