Young and Hungry Logo.jpg 

Because friends should eat.   How old is young, really? Some say you’re as young as you feel.  We say they’re delusional.

Young is 18-35. If you fit our (admittedly narrow) definition, you should get your young self to any or many Y&H dinner parties held each and every Thursday coming in May. Each night has a new theme, new host, new food and a new location.   

Y&H is a moveable feast, designed to build fresh, fun community in the Y&H’s of Westside.  Each evening will be hosted by one of our *pastors so you’ll have a chance to get to know a Not As Young (but equally hungry) Person too.


*Will they preach? No.  It’s not church.They’re seriously just hungry.

A few simple guidelines:

  1. Y&H dinners are hosted so they are free to you. All we require is an RSVP (email link below). If say you’re gonna show up, you show up. Because you may be young, but you’re not rude.
  2. Too young is too young.  No kids, please.


Stay tuned for more information on Young and Hungry and other young adult events...